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Spyder3 Pro
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Display Calibration for Serious Photographers

Serious photographers and creative pros require a high degree of color accuracy; from capturing images, to digital editing and printing, Spyder3Pro™ delivers. This third generation colorimeter comes equipped with new state-of-the-art optical design and photo-centric user interface providing accurate, reliable and consistent color. Spyder3Pro™ gives you more precise control over white point and gamma, new ReCAL option cuts re-calibration time in half and SpyderProof™ function brings you a new level of color control to help you save time, money and achieve color excellence.

Designed for:
Serious & Professional Photographers or anyone whose display is the heart of their digital workflow will benefit from Spyder3 monitor calibration.

Hardware Specifications
• Measurement Device: Datacolor Spyder3™
• Ambient Light Sensor (Built In): Yes
• Number of Filter/Detector Combination: 7 Filter/Detector Technology
• Accuracy (x,y typical): 0.0025
• Aperture Size: 27 mm Diameter
• Initial Calibration Time: 5 Minutes
• Recalibration Time: 2.5 Minutes
• Ambient Light Shield: 2 Inches
• Mounting Methods: Universal Suction Cup, Universal
• Counterweight and Tripod Mount
• Desktop Docking Base w/Tripod Mount: Yes
• Physical Dimensions: 1.5 in.(D) x 3.5 in.(W) x 4 in.(L)
• Computer Connection: USB
• Hardware Warranty: 2 Years

Software Specifications
• Gamma Choices: 4 Choices
• Color Temperature Choices: 4 Choices,
• ICC Profile Support: ICC 2, ICC 4
• Ambient Light Measurement: Yes
• Re-calibration Wizard: Yes
• Expert Console: No
• Custom B/W Luminance Control: No
• Display History Utility: No
• SpyderProof™ Interface: Yes
• Studio Match™: No
• Front Projector Calibration: No
• Gamma Curve Editing: No
• Realtime Profile & Calibration Check: Yes
• L-Star Workflow Option: No
• Curves Import Function: No
• PreciseLight Function: No
• Precision Gray Axis Algorithm: Yes
• Web Registration & Update Checks: Yes
• L-Star technology is Licensed Property of INTEGRATED COLOR SOLUTIONS, INC., Patent No.: 7,075,552 and No. 6,937,249.

• Windows 2000, XP 32/64, Vista 32/64
• Mac OS X (10.3 or higher)
• Color monitor resolution 1024x768 or greater
• 16-bit video card (24-bit recommended)
• 128MB of available RAM
• 100MB of available hard disk space

Features & Benefits

Third Generation Spyder Technology
The Spyder3 colorimeter is based on a state-of-the-art optical design, with the industrys only 7 detector color engine and largest light aperture, providing unrivaled performance. In conjunction with the patented filter array and embedded ambient light sensor, Spyder3 provides industry-leading performance for the precision calibration of LCD, CRT and notebook displays.

Elegant Form and Function
A unique fusion of design excellence and functionality, Spyder3 offers a smaller footprint, embedded ambient light sensor and LED indicator. Spyder3s desktop cradle can be used for storage and ambient light monitoring. A beautiful addition to your desktop or studio, Spyder3 improves any color workflow.

Designed for Photographers
Spyder3 increases light sensitivity 400%. It also features the largest screen sample area or aperture in the industry resulting in improved accuracy on LCD screens and a faster calibration time. Two superior attachment methods - large area suction cup or counterweight - can be used interchangeably to suit the needs of any photographer. Building on a foundation of 35 years of color science excellence, Datacolor designed the Spyder3 for the way photographers work.

New Super-Fast ReCAL Option
ReCAL option reduces calibration time by more than half allowing you to quickly and easily re-calibrate on a more frequent basis or before any important shoot or post-production project.

Intelligent Ambient Light Control
Utilizing an embedded high-precision sensor, Spyder3 automatically measures the ambient light within a room for a new level of precision calibration. Spyder3 provides you with options to change either your studio lighting or display profile if the ambient light changes. Maintaining a history log of lighting conditions, Spyder3 can intelligently discern true lighting changes from random fluctuations caused by studio flashes or shadows.

New Photo-Centric User Interface
New software interface is designed for the way photographers think and work. Offers easy navigation for each step of the calibration process. A progress bar indicates your location in the software and is augmented by rich, contextual help. You dont have to be a color guru to get professional results.

16 Calibration Target Choices
Sixteen user-selected white point and gamma combinations gives you the flexibility to use the photo industry standard, or options to best match your working conditions.

New SpyderProof™ Function
Evaluate your calibration in before and after mode using four quadrants of thematic photos targeting: Saturated Colors, Skin Tones, Gradients and Black & White. Zoom in on any photo to analyze highlights, shadow detail, color or tonal response. Softproof the images using your own custom profiles. Designed for the way photographers work, SpyderProof brings you a new level of control to help you achieve color excellence.

Multiple Display Calibration
Conveniently calibrate all the displays on your system, allowing you to do color managed work on any of your screens.

New Display Assistant
Allows you to enter all of the model-specific information for each of your displays and stores them, saving you time on all future calibrations.

New Real-time calibration monitoring
Ensures that your display is color accurate through on-going background checks of calibration and profile settings and lets you know if there is a problem. This feature is especially useful if you have multiple users.

New Cross-platform compatibility
The only calibration products that works efficiently on any computer, Mac OS X or Microsoft® Windows® XP 32/64, Vista 32/64. Spyder3™ software runs on todays popular hardware and software platforms, including Intel based Macintosh systems.

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